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English introduction of the school
Fuh-Shing Elementary School was established in September 1958 and was founded in the present location. " Fuh-Shing " is named according to its neighborhood’s name. The school building was completed on April 3, 1959, and is designated as a school day. There were 12 classes at the beginning of the school. In 1970, there were 50 classes of it, and the number of students was up to 2470.
With the urbanization and economic center shift, the students number decreased. There are two reasons: (1) the decline of the community; (2) the reduction of the school district after the establishment and re-planning of nearby new schools. Because of the numbers of students decreased, the classes numbers reduce year after year. There are 12 classes in 1997. In 1995, the school added a resource class so the class number is 13.

It is because of the school locates in an old community and the problem of low birth rate occurred, the number of students in the 105-year school year was only 103. Fuh-Shing Elementary School had became a small school with only one class per grade.

In addition to classroom learning, the school encourages children to participate in extra-curricular learning activities, such as lion dance and drums, swimming teams, pottery clubs and choirs. In addition to the school teachers, the professional teachers were also invited to participate in teaching. So as to enhance the depth and breadth of students’ learning. After years of efforts, students learning got improved.

In line with the philosophy and objectives of the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum, the school uses "core literacy" as the backbone of the school-based curriculum development. To develop students' ability to adapt to the challenges of life and to face the future. "Core literacy" emphasizes learning is not limited to the subject knowledge and skills, but should pay attention to the combination of learning and life. Through the actual implementation and demonstrate the learner's whole person development.

With the advent of the era of the global village, the international political, economic and cultural exchanges, English has become an important international communication tools. The ability to use English to prepare for the 21st century life is the necessary quality for the world's citizens. Therefore, in order to enhance the future competitiveness and the value of the school , to reach the parents exception and to deal with the problem of low birth rate , the school plans to transform into a school-type bilingual experimental elementary school. Then the school can become the good learning place for parents, teachers and students.